Before the Sun Fades

When a lone traveller with a shadowed past enters a magically concealed valley and finds herself trapped there, she must gain the aid of the inhabitants and battle for its salvation before the magical light she carries is exhausted — but the true origin of the curse upon the valley is not as black and white as anyone expects.

Follow Rakariel on her dangerous quest...

Before the Sun Fades ebook cover

Rakariel has faced the darkness and lived to tell the tale. Her long journey is an attempt to escape the shadows of her past, but when she stumbles across a valley concealed by ancient and powerful magic in ages past, she feels she has no choice but to enter and confront whatever may lie within. Finding herself trapped inside with no way back, she forges onwards, her courage sustained by the magical light she carries — a light that will be all too quick to fade if she cannot find sunlight again. But the same light that sustains her is a beacon to the twisted creatures that stalk the perpetual gloom…

In the ruins of the once proud city at the valley’s heart, the last survivors of its people remain, living in darkness and silence to escape their deadly hunters. Awed by this impossible stranger who bears the light of the legendary sun upon her brow, one such survivor becomes her guide, offering her aid and companionship as she seeks out the source of the curse upon the land… for, despite all that stands in her way, she must lift it before her light fails her, or die trying.

Creative Commons Licence

Before the Sun Fades by V. L. Bending is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Before the Sun Fades is complete, and is now live as both a print book and an ebook in your format of choice!

Meet the Characters posts: (warning, spoilers!)

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