Between the boundaries of space and time, where nothing is real and all is blurred, there are oases of stability. One such is Waypoint. From here, you might travel to anywhere in the infinite multiverse…


  • AIN (Sci-Fi)
  • Alt-Shift (Sci-Fi)
    A terrible war is coming, one that will tear two countries apart. Only one person knows it, but a war is a difficult thing for a single person to avert, and the wheels of this one were set into motion when he was just a boy.
  • Before the Sun Fades (Fantasy)
    When a lone traveller with a shadowed past enters a magically concealed valley and finds herself trapped there, she must gain the aid of the inhabitants and battle for its salvation before the magical light she carries is exhausted — but the true origin of the curse upon the valley is not as black and white as anyone expects.
  • Convergence (Sci-Fi)
    Chronos, the temporal computer, solves the equations governing time and space and finds convergent solutions that permit a select few trained specialists to time travel, observing key events throughout history. When a record is found of a chrononaut who never existed, Chrononaut Aria Mirane must journey through time to rescue a stranger she should have known.
  • Dragonkin (Fantasy)
  • The Galactic Federation (Sci-Fi)
    Warning: timeline spans over 4,000 years!
  • The Fallen Empire (Sci-Fi)
    In the ruins of our once proud world, the survivors of our fallen civilisation live on, ageless children fighting to survive. Spitfire, leader of the gang called the Hunters, has a dream that one day his people will reclaim the knowledge of old. In search of the future, he will lead them from the shattered city that is all they know.
  • The Fused (Sci-Fi)
    A vast ship travels on a slow journey between the stars, its origin and destination unknown. But its mission may fail all too soon if it cannot be repaired…
  • Harriet River (Modern-Day Fiction; Short Stories)
    Harriet River is a private detective. So far, so conventional. What’s less normal is that she lives in a town openly owned and operated by the Mob, and that is a recipe for trouble.
  • Kirai’s world (which needs a name…) (Science Fantasy)
    Above a land in which knowledge is suspect and ignorance sacred, a hidden city floats amongst the clouds. If it and its winged people were ever discovered, the people of the ground would not stop until they were destroyed. But when one girl from that city is captured by a patrol in the lands below, a young guardsman feels sympathy for her plight. Freeing her sees her save his life in turn, and expands his horizons beyond anything he could ever have imagined… but it also sets him irrevocably at odds with everything he has ever known.
  • Mysteries Unite (Fantasy)
  • Oranges and Lemons (Fantasy)
    A few years ago, I learnt the song was about bells. But when I was younger, I heard an inexorable series of concepts… and this is the story they told.
  • The Path of the Gods series: Ascension / Reclamation / ??? (Science Fantasy)
    The people of Thenia once lived their lives guided and guarded by their gods in a world of peace and plenty. But their land was touched by fell design, and the creatures they call meists burst forth to attack and kill. The answer to one question could save the world… if it can ever be found.
  • Timewarp Tales (Sci-Fi; Fantasy; Short Stories)
    A collection of short stories linking eras and worlds.
  • Wings of Hope (Sci-Fi)
  • The Bridged Divide (Fanfiction)
    All stories posted with the kind permission of the original authors!

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