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I’ve been meaning to catch up on my sales statistics for a while now, and since I’m not feeling so great, today seems like the ideal time to do all those minor chores that involve sitting in front of a computer. So, how are we doing?

Well, Before the Sun Fades has shifted 15 physical copies! Not counting the box of author copies I have, which I’ve mostly handed out to libraries and friends/relations. As for its e-sales, I’ve sold 11 e-copies, and handed out a few more. Hopefully, copies of these will be in circulation among a wider circle of people, some of whom will pop by sometime and ‘buy’ a copy to support my work, and some of whom can’t right now – which is a-okay with me.

All this means that I’ve sold 26 books, plus some extra that I’ve handed out in various places, since the 23rd of May last year. That’s only ten months ago, and two and a half books a month doesn’t feel bad at all for a starting out nobody author!

So I’m feeling pretty good about myself and about my writing life right now! And as a celebration, I’m handing out discount codes like candy again! Sadly, I can’t discount the physical book – Amazon controls the special offers there – but I can certainly discount the electronic edition!

To grab a copy of Before the Sun Fades in your favourite e-format for what should be about £1 (Smashwords insist on doing everything in dollars), head on over to its Smashwords page and enter the code UL78V on purchase. It’s valid up until BtSF reaches its first birthday, that is, the 23rd of May! And share the code with your friends – it’s good for an infinite number of uses until time runs out!