With Apologies


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This is the final day of the corrections.

It’s almost over.

And I managed to write part of the next The Fused chapter yesterday.

So, since I keep promising it, here is that part. It’s not complete (it’s less than a quarter so, I would guess), it’s not edited, but it is a preview, and I’ve been failing to deliver on this poor story for far too long. The full version will be along ASAP – that is, probably after today! (And also after Star Trek: Beyond, which I am seeing tomorrow in 3d because it was a lot better than I had expected.)

A Sort of Report


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The month-long ebook sale has ended, and I sold 37 e-copies of Before the Sun Fades in it! I don’t think that’s bad going at all!

In addition, there’s just one major thing left to go before I can finally return to writing properly! And boy, am I looking forward to it. Right now, Reclamation (in the Path of the Gods series) and AIN are the top two projects in my mind, but that may change. The first few chapters of Reclamation already hit second draft status a while ago, and will probably now benefit from more eyes; any volunteers to read and comment on part of a book sometime in the next couple of months will be greatly appreciated! Meanwhile, the other end of it had to go on hold some time ago while I wrote a large chunk of Ascension — the two books are dependent on one another — and now needs both completing and, in the process, working out where to transition into the third book.

As for AIN, it’s rather more choppy: many of the key turning point scenes exist, and the beginning and the end are there, but it’s all rough first draft and many areas are lightly sketched in or altogether missing. So that will take a whole lot of building.

Harriet River: Resistance



This short story just wrote itself in my head while I was doing something entirely different, so I suppose I might as well let it out. Run free, little story!

What do you do when you’re trapped in a town run by a crook and ruled at its heart by fear? Even if he funds the roads and the schools and all the other public services, if this was a real town (shocker: nothing here is real), I really wouldn’t want to live there.

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Brief Update

The last few days of thesis corrections are at hand! Powered by tea, coffee, and chocolate (what else?) I shall endeavour to complete them in time to also be able to complete and post a chapter of The Fused for this Tuesday. Look forward to this one: it should involve our peculiar friends finding out at least part of what’s going on in the vast cargo hold!

Meet the Characters: King Sariven


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A legendary figure in Before the Sun Fades, recalled almost reverentially by the remnants of his people, King Sariven faced the darkness consuming his valley to the last, until the palace fell with him still within it. But how much did he manage to learn about the oncoming disaster? What secrets did he take with him into the shadows? Despite his desperate struggle to save his people, was there something more he could have, should have done?

Warning: contains serious spoilers, to the point where if you haven’t already read the book I really suggest you don’t read any further! After all, the tale of Rakariel’s attempt to restore the valley depends inextricably on the tale of how it came to be engulfed in darkness in the first place.

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Holy Catbiscuits!


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I was going to be good and not constantly post about how BtSF was doing in the sale (where it’s currently free), because that’s really annoying, but it’s now almost at the top of page 5 of the free-in-sale fantasy bestsellers and climbing!!! They default to 20 books per page, which means it stands at sales rank #83! I’ve hit double digits in my category!!!

Thank you! You wonderful crazy people who read random fantasy novels by someone on the internet, thank you all!


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