The Fused

Deep in the depths of trackless space, a vast ship drifts on an incredible voyage between the stars. People live and die in its habitats and corridors, watched over by the ship’s computer, their gentle caretaker in their generations-long mission. Until something goes wrong. Locked away from the crew and barred from performing all but the most basic of its vital functions, the ship calls upon the last ally it has remaining for aid. Mission failure is imminent. Only two teenagers from across the generations have the power and the strength to save their world.

Epub: to be made available…

Chapter 1: Mission
Chapter 2: Lindsi
Chapter 3: Fusion
Chapter 4: Morning
Chapter 5: Meridian Park
Chapter 6: Filtration
Chapter 7: Explanation
Chapter 8: New Destination
Chapter 9: Solar Strip
Chapter 10: Power Imbalance
Chapter 11: Lock and Key
Chapter 12: Self-Determination
Chapter 13: Engineering
Chapter 14: Radiation Leak
Chapter 15: Shielding Patch
Chapter 16: Doubt
Chapter 17: Reactor Control
Chapter 18: Silent Success
Chapter 19: Need to Know
Chapter 20: Maintenance Entry
Chapter 21: Shards of Sight
Chapter 22: Nothing For It
Chapter 23: In Case of Emergency
Chapter 24: Sightlines
Chapter 25: Into the Unseen
Chapter 26: Escape to Nowhere
Chapter 27: Consequences
Chapter 28: Hard Vacuum
Chapter 29: Spacewalk
Chapter 30: Unanswered Questions
Chapter 31: Captain on Bridge
Chapter 32: Horizon Mission
Chapter 33: Answers

The Fused is based on a dream I once had, in which I was playing a 2d platform game. It was a little unusual in that the main character guided the interacting character, the Fused, through the complex environment of a vast starship, seeking out ways to repair it while avoiding those who would stop them. I’d still like to see that game exist, someday, but writing stories is a lot easier than programming an entire game!

Creative Commons Licence
The Fused by V. L. Bending is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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