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Before the Sun Fades has now been published for a full month! During that time I have thus far made almost equal digital sales and physical sales that I know about, which is doing pretty darn well, I reckon! I’ve had pageviews every day, I’ve had only three days in which at least one person didn’t download the 20% sample, and I was until recently #7 on the Smashwords Fantasy Bestsellers list even with adult content turned on! (I think I made it to #4 or #5 without it, so not quite into the top three, but very close!) I’m now sliding slowly down as other people’s recent sales take over, but that was quite something!

To check out the 20% sample, go to the Smashwords buy page – there’s a sample button for most formats, so it should have what you need! You can also read a review of the book. Or, if you want a full copy (electronic or physical) and want to choose your favourite shop, I’ve listed everywhere I currently know you can get it under the “Buy Books!” tab at the top of the page.

If you’re on the fence about buying and have questions, why not leave me a comment? Or, check out the various posts with the Before the Sun Fades tag — there’s a bunch of miscellaneous worldbuilding information if you don’t mind a few spoilers. And finally, if you know somewhere that’s stocking my book that I haven’t got listed, please let me know and I’ll update the page accordingly!