The Path of the Gods

The people of Thenia lived long, eternally curious lives under the guidance and guardianship of their gods, gods they could hear and feel as clearly as they could one another. Encouraged towards peace and learning, their civilisation rose as fast and bright as a supernova in the night sky — until the meists came. Suddenly, the lands were no longer safe, and travelling became a hardship. A land that had known only peace for generations found itself fighting a foe that could not be swayed or reasoned with, in the form of savage predators of unnatural power.

In order to restore the world’s lost peace, Seeker Tamika Rain must first understand what it is that threatens it. She must see the danger through unclouded eyes, and find the intelligence and courage within herself to design a plan far greater than herself alone. She must be willing to give her all for its completion, no matter where the road may lead her.

In order to save humanity, the Seeker must walk the path of the gods.

In a world under siege, an initiate dedicates her life to stopping the warped invasion. She will need to learn more and faster than any Seeker who has come before — and even without the dangers that pursue her, some knowledge can exact its own price.

700 years after the events of Ascension, the world is at peace. Until, one dark day, the creatures called meists burst forth once more as if from nowhere. If civilisation is to survive, the answers of the past must be rediscovered before it’s too late.

Creative Commons Licence
The Path of the Gods series by V. L. Bending is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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