Our world is a place of dust and debris, war and climate change pushing us over the brink. Yet humanity has survived, and where humanity survives, so too does hope. Living in or around the ruins of the fallen cities, people live, for the most part, a simpler, less advanced life. Ancient technology lingers on in improbable places, hunted avidly by the Reclaimers, who seek to regain what was once lost, and by others like them. Though this broken world is not without its new dangers, as well as the oldest dangers of all, life goes on.

Through this landscape wanders a boy, homeless, nameless, alone and afraid. Seeking shelter in a building from the hunting menace prowling outside, he meets a voice that speaks to him from thin air, a young woman’s voice, unable to reach him but able to give him advice. It should have been a swift farewell, but when life brings him back to that point once more, she becomes his friend, his guide… and his world’s best hope for the future.

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