A city of magic and not-quite-mad inventors, currently experiencing a technomagical renaissance, one thing you can never say about Grehstadt is that it is dull!

Official Description:

Grehstadt is a city unlike any other in the world! It is a city where inventors constantly try to outmatch one another, giving rise to an explosive age of innovation and progress!

Wandering down its streets you might encounter strange and/or wonderful vehicles and weird colourful people. Individuals from both these populations might explode – it happens from time to time, and the fire brigade in the city is exceptionally efficient. Maybe it is because the city was razed to the ground half a century before the present time by a terrible fire, maybe it is because of all the crazy inventors causing explosions, probably it is because a bit of both.

Grehstadt is located on the West coast of the Denassian continent. It was the only known continent until a year ago, when an airship from the city raced another from the neighbouring country of Senferel to the South Pole under mysterious circumstances. In doing so, they opened the Age of Exploration and airship technologies and the extended exploration they allow are now some of the most exciting areas of research in the city.

There are still areas of insufficiently explored science (some of which are actually called magic) in the world. Foremost, Essential Arts are an important area of research. Everything in the world has an aura, a specific signature that can be detected using proper equipment. The study of auras has revealed that these resulted from the mix of the Essences that defines an object, a force, an animal… Eventually, some researcher linked the Essences to some symbols found on mysterious metal and stone tablets found deep underground in mining excavations or during the exploration of deep caves. Each of these symbols corresponded to an elementary Essence. This discovery gave rise to the emergence of the Essential Arts. By linking these symbols in circles, people have been able to use them to alter auras and create effects ranging from storing electricity to producing a fiery blast. Until a couple of years ago, only a very limited number of these Essential symbols had been found. The South Pole expedition came back with drawings of dozens of new Essential symbols and revolutionised the world. The team are working on exploring the uses of the new Essential symbols and release them little by little in scientific articles.

Between the new Age of Exploration and the discovery of these new symbols, Grehstadt is more than ever the beating heart of innovation on Denassia. These are really exciting times for people living in the city, and many an adventure is to be had in the city of magic and not-quite-mad inventors!


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