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Although Before the Sun Fades is live, I can’t just sit around and cackle to myself. It’s time to figure out what I’m going to do while it percolates gently through the rest of the submission process! So, what’s next on the writing agenda?

Well, there’s getting back to the Fused, which is happening. (I have a big farewell to a friend who’s leaving the country over the weekend, so possibly not next week, but if not, the week after.) But on the book front, I have several options. So far I have one highly influential vote for Ascension, the first book of the Path of the Gods series. My full set of options — all in a similar state of nearing completion — are:

  • Ascension
  • Convergence
  • Alt-Shift (see Waypoint This is the hardest to write and will almost certainly take longer than the others would if I choose it.)
  • Kirai… (whose series still goes unnamed for now. Also see Waypoint.)

The other stories listed on Waypoint will all be in one state or another of chugging gently along in the background, but they’re not as close to completion as these four, and so aren’t on my list of “potential next book out” unless one of the caged plotbunnies goes rabid again and starts chewing on my brain. (What do you mean, this doesn’t happen to you? Plotbunnies are dangerous!)