So I didn’t make NaNo. (I know it’s technically not over, but even at my maximum recorded speed of around 55wpm, it’s not physically possible for me to type 16,000 words in what little is left of today.)

And you know what? Despite how determined I am to always give the things I do 100%, and the fact that NaNo is easy for me and even with a full PhD timetable there’s no way I can lose unless something major happens, I’m okay with that.

Reason being, I stopped writing about halfway through the month for almost a week due to an Awesomeness Overload occurring. And that is a damn good reason to stop doing anything, because I would absolutely trade a NaNo success for it any day. The book will still get written, other things will still get done, and I got a boatload of awesome that I now get to keep for ever and ever.Ā  ā¤