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Well, I’ve been busy! But not so busy that I haven’t been able to make quota, even if only barely yesterday. I’m now on a bright and shiny 10,688 words so far, and haven’t written anything at all yet today!

And that makes it high time I caught you all up on where things have got to again! Because there have certainly been a few happenings, even if some of them do partially consist of me getting distracted and rambling about space. This seems to have become a permanent feature of “things that happen when I write sci-fi”, which I suppose is the price I pay for it also being my actual subject, or something. Though that never used to happen so much…

So, Dayna’s made it to Venus, or more specifically to Amethyst Station, the most remote of the orbital stations and the one that is essentially just a big Solar Police outpost: it’s the local headquarters for everything within Venus’ orbit, Mercury included. There’s not much at Mercury yet, so it doesn’t warrant a full station of its own. The station, like most stations, has a zero-g docking hub in the centre and then generates “gravity” by spinning the outer ring, where all the habitation areas are, so there’s a slightly odd lift ride where everything gets “heavier” the lower the lift drops.

She gets a nice rationed shower and then I was too tired to do too much talking, so I skipped the part where she’s actually told about her cover identity and went straight to her having a cover identity: Leslie Jones, slightly-in-debt cargo hauler. The standard Solar Police freighter (basically a cube with rounded edges) with a standard Solar Police crew undocked from the station and headed out along a trajectory as if to Earth — but actually didn’t go all that far, reverting to normal flight outside easy detection range and stopping to be transformed into a company freighter with a company crew. (The company hasn’t been named yet. But they are real and have an agreement with the Solar Police that, on occasion, permits this.) Dayna, as Leslie, is about to go spacewalking to change some hull plating and paintwork to back that up… and this, because Dayna is just a little special, is not the best of ideas, but she isn’t going to say anything. If she did, she’d lose her Epic Job.

Also the space-folding drive that bends space to make ships travel across the Solar System faster is still currently called the Bender or Bending Drive (for Dumb Reasons), and this and all the resulting terminology is still amusing me, even if it is just a placeholder.

Finally, and on a totally unrelated subject, if any of you readers are interested in tabletop RPGs, check out this Humble Bundle! They have Mistborn!