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Getting slowly further ahead, I am! Talk like small green Jedi, I must. Possibly slightly too tired I am.

We’ve seen Dayna off to Venus now, where she’ll shortly be going undercover to try and track down “Hex” the mystery hacker. Hex’s online identities include a couple of minor “historical” cultural references that Dayna hasn’t yet figured out, but which make me smile. Possibly I’m just easily amused. (All right, definitely. Easily amused is the best way to be.)

We’ve also been introduced to the more common means of interplanetary travel: the Bender, a space-folding drive that warps space around the ship (and the ship itself), rather than what the still-almost-experimental “interstitial” drive does, which is drop the ship out of normal space altogether. While much faster, there’s only one fully functional and crewed ship utilising this interstitial drive, whereas the Bender has been in use for over a century at this point. It does have its downsides, most notably that bent space has just enough of an effect on the behaviour of matter that humans feel permanently slightly subconsciously uneasy within it. But that’s something space travellers just have to learn to live with…