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Or slightly after midday, really.

I went and picked up my thesis from the binders’! It’s still rather hard to believe it’s real, or that I wrote that! When did that happen? (Oh yeah, those seven years of increasingly cantankerous studentship. It’s funny, when you’re eyeball-deep in it you start to forget the beauty and glory of your work, and then every now and again something just occurs to you and it’s bright shining splendid all over again — at least until you sit back down in front of yet another line of Fortran that isn’t doing what it ought to.)

So, thesis! And I hand it in tomorrow!

In other news, last night was a desperate race to midnight, and I squeaked in just under the wire… mainly by going off on a tangent and wittering on about space, because I can do that for days on end. This, therefore, isn’t so much Plot as it’s me letting myself get distracted and witter on in order to make word count in the <10 minutes I had remaining! But I kind of like it, and what’s NaNo for if not to share?

Anywhere from the mining colonies of the asteroids to the orbital stations of Venus, to Mars her home or the radiation-bathed moons of Jupiter, the spectacular views of Saturn orbit… or maybe the NEO miners, those nearby stations that industriously harvested and broke down any space debris passing close to Earth.

Earth. Old mother, birthplace of the human race, but no longer their only home. Still stained with pollution, still scarred with mining and deforestation, but cared for yet, still blue and brown and green from space, streaked with her ever-changing swirls of white as clouds danced across the surface of the world. Still capped at the poles with ice, though less than there had once been; mountain ranges tipped with snow. In the night, the vast cities shone and sparkled like living jewels, diamond dust scattered in random handfuls onto cobwebs in the darkness. And all around, stations orbited, shuttles flew back and forth between Earth and Moon, Earth and station, station and Moon. Attended by this graceful, miniature ballet, the stately planet sailed on in her endless journey around the sun, as she would for countless years to come, heedless of the delicate life birthed from her ancient surface and reaching out towards the stars.