As the clock ticks over into tomorrow, NaNoWriMo will begin! And so, hopefully, will my first steps on its long and intense road, with a midnight writing session with a few friends! (Do join in!) In the meantime, since I’ve finally failed at outrunning the flu and am fairly sure my current sense of well-being is primarily due to being on drugs (not antibiotics, they wouldn’t have any effect and anyway I’m not stupid, just your standard flu-symptom-relief stuff), I’m basically sitting around feeling restless but avoiding physical activity. I need to be alive for this evening, and then if I’m still intact after that I can set down a few quick words come midnight, and then I shall sleep.

The story will open with First Contact as the prologue, told from the perspective of the intrepid astronauts venturing out into interstellar space for only the second time. (The maiden voyage was uneventful.) I have some images for that, and so I plan to start there. After that… well, after that, it’s a case of what my Federation timeline has always summarised as “Humanity’s reaction to this is… complicated.”