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I didn’t get much editing done on the coach (I was travelling), but I did write a first draft of a song about part of Reclamation. Our hypothetical singers are one female, one male, playing the parts of Raine and Corvin respectively. The parts in brackets are sung simultaneously, while the parts that are just separated by a slash are one singer after the other.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really have a name yet, but whatever!

We’re watching, we’re waiting
The sunset is frozen in time
We’re standing, we’re guarding
No longer remembering why

The silence, the stillness
I don’t remember my voice
I break it, I hear now
I remember that I have a choice

At last change, the light fades
I don’t remember the night
I hear in the distance
I remember that I have to fight

I’ve stood here for so long
I can’t remember my name
The orb drops, the light fades
We realise it too late

I see you / I see you
(And I remember your name / And you remember my name)
I’ve found you / You’ve reached me
(And you give me back the same / And I speak yours once again)

They failed us, we failed them
No longer remembering why
How can we undo this
We just know that we have to try

We’ve been here for too long
Somebody was meant to have come
Now we can’t remember
But everything’s resting on us