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My plan for the start of this year was to do up Alt-Shift. And I did do some work on it. But now that I’ve done the hardest part of the thesis submission process, I suddenly feel I have a lot more mental capacity to devote to writing, and a certain other project has been nagging me no end. So all right, Raine, all right. You win. I’ll edit Reclamation over April, hopefully bringing it together more cohesively and comprehensibly. And then maybe I can see better the pros and cons of writing a third (fourth?) book versus trying to fit everything into Reclamation itself.

However, this brings up a related issue. Reclamation and Ascension are two books in the same timeline. Ascension happens first, and leads essentially directly to many of the events of Reclamation. Reclamation, however, sets up a lot of mysteries and questions to be answered… a good half of which would be answered simply by having read Ascension first.

So perhaps I should do them out of chronological order, and have the story move around the timeline, at least in terms of publishing order. Ascension answers half the questions Reclamation poses – what’s really going on and how did we get here? – and adds its own layer of urgency to Reclamation’s other half: what do we do next? Which would then be neatly tied up in the as-yet-unnamed third book. At least as long as it works best having a third (fourth? Ascension is starting to look really long…) book, which I think it will, given the nature of Reclamation.