Because the last Fused post was so recent, it’s now gone up on the Tuesday Serial for this Tuesday, and the next chapter will be posted next week. I don’t exactly have a backlog of chapters waiting to be posted, so humour me, and I’ll try to build one back up so that your fix of Ship-based adventure returns to regularity again!

In the meantime, it’s back to work for me, although actually I have a friend visiting, so outside of my day job, a lot of what I usually do is slightly suspended. The day job still requires my attention, but I just sorted that out for the next few hours, so it’s all good! Back to work therefore means…

  • Thesis corrections
  • The Fused
  • Editing Alt-Shift
  • Working on Ascension and Reclamation
  • Working on the Reclamation roleplay system, which is a slowly-growing thing (currently in alpha playtest), and wondering whether to give it a different name
  • Gardening – it no longer looks entirely like a bomb site, but it has a long way to go!
  • Writing up some posts to go on here, maybe even about something interesting (you should be so lucky)