I keep getting distracted by things to do lately. Not things I need to do, or things I have to do, but things I very much want to do. Which means I’m jolly well going to do them, or else what has it all been for?

My on-and-off under-construction roleplay setting in the world of the Path of the Gods series (which RP book I will be sharing when it’s readable, and which series I will also be redrafting soon) now runs alternate Fridays, and I, of course, am running it. Two of my three players have an in-depth knowledge of the world, having had to put up with my hopefully vaguely coherent ramblings on the subject for a few years now; the third is new to it and unfamiliar with the various concepts and the nuts and bolts of it all. Currently, the party are in an utterly dead landscape known as the Barrens, exploring a half-village in search of clues as to what is happening and why… but they’ve just seen movement on the horizon, and that could all too likely mean they’re in terrible danger.

Then, the following day, it was up bright and early for adventure! My poor character Helen, slowly fraying away into Oblivion, ventured forth to try to stop the world from coming apart in ways she’s all too familiar with… but it all went horribly wrong, as one of our own party succumbed to the voices calling us. We lived, but the destruction was only hastened, and Helen feels she’s at the very gates of oblivion.

And then I was supposed to have a nice game of Star Citizen, but despite working just fine a week ago, today it was unable to download the manifest, so once again I ended up sitting around chatting to the guys while they played Star Citizen. Which is still fun, but it’d be nice to fly!

That, and on top of all this, we’ve finally detected gravitational waves!!! It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

Meanwhile, I still need to be writing Alt-Shift. To this end, I have its prompt CD on, and am mostly doing that. Well… that and surfing the Net. And writing blog posts because I suddenly realised I haven’t written one in days.

Right now, Cal has just given up talking to his superior officer and childhood friend, Stephanie Swan. She’s… really quite scary, actually, at this point in time. He’s going to go back out, and stare across the ruins, and think back over his life, and how it all came to this…