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Or more dimensions, but I need at least five. (Various different real theories and hypotheses about the nature of the real universe also posit a varying number of extra dimensions. Which I accidentally typed dimensino, which should totally be some sort of ultra-weird fundamental particle that transcends the familiar boundaries of space-time. But I digress. Real theories tend to require a rather different number of extra dimensions than just one. They’re also a bit too complicated for a blog post I can write in the space of an evening. Maybe when I have more time: I’d like to understand a bit more about that area myself, and if I do the studying I might as well share it!)

As the header for this blog indicates, everything I write takes place within a kind of overarching structure. A multiverse, if you will. By definition, all things are contained within it: every possibility, however minuscule, is realised… somewhere. (Also every crossover, however ridiculous.) Space-time of course makes up the familiar four dimensions, and then I need at least one more coordinate.

You’re unlikely to ever see it. The existence or non-existence of the greater multiverse outside the bounds of whichever setting I’m writing in is usually about as relevant to it as the precise mass of a Sun-like star on the opposite side of the galaxy is to us. Not impossible to notice, under the exact correct conditions, but highly unlikely. Nonetheless, it exists, if only in my mind, and I might as well let a little of it out now and again.

Thus: welcome to the Void! This non-space, this place that is not a place, this non-time outside of time, is what you get between an infinite number of things that coexist. It is, and it is not. It isn’t, except that it is. It’s unreal, and yet…

In other words, it’s pretty much accidentally designed to either (a) make your brain bleed, or (b) make you decide I’m an idiot. The concise, inaccurate version is this: all realities operate according to the familiar four-dimensional laws of space and time. The Void is that strange “place” where none of that applies. It’s formless, save where form is applied and maintained by the power of the mind, a sort of global imagination, if you will. It has effects in reality, or perhaps it doesn’t, or both are true, from a certain point of view.

And in the Void, there are Powers. I generally divide them into ten, but you could break them up into one, or two, or twelve, or none, or infinity. From a certain point of view. Each Power might be seen as an ultimate quality, or an ideal, or a motive force. Each Power might be a person taken to an extreme. In each person you can find the influence of every Power, because those are the conflicting forces within every living being. Are they there? Aren’t they? From a certain point of view…

The Powers command Travellers, or maybe they don’t: people who by accident or design stumble from one universe to the next, changing things as they go. But of course this happens, because when anything that is possible must happen somewhere by definition, then at some point it will, and has, and shall have. Was it deliberate action? Or an accident? Or both… from a certain point of view?

Is this stuff canon? Well… by my own definition, not really! A couple of little bits are, here and there, and when the correct books are out I challenge you to spot them, but by and large, this framework upon which I hang my metaphorical hat and build all manner of bizarre houses has no clear appearance in that-which-is-published and is therefore, at best, semi-canon. Take it with a grain of salt as big as your head: my word is that of a very fallible god whose mind changes as frequently as the British weather. (That said, the overarching multiverse has stood the test of time admirably. Possibly because the Void is timeless… or not.)

P.S. Sorry about the lack of the Fused! There are currently only three paragraphs in the next chapter right now, so I really couldn’t post it…