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This is Caleb Forester. Average kind of height, brown hair. A nice young man, if you passed him on the street.

He’s psychic, but that’s only somewhat surprising: where he’s from, a small but significant percentage of the population are. They’re typically identified as their powers start to emerge, usually around the early teens, and awarded free entry into the prestigious psychic schools, where the best education in both normal subjects and their unusual powers is to be had. Adult psychics, while admittedly registered as such, are free to live their lives more or less how they will, and are in high demand for any number of jobs. Telepathy and telekinesis are very, very useful.

You would think, then, that Cal has very little to worry about. You’d be wrong.

Something terrible is going to happen. And while anyone can change the world, the sheer momentum of its course is hard enough to combat when you’re just one person – never mind if there are others steering it another way.