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Ian is the main character in AIN, our sometimes reluctant hero. More than almost anything else, he wants to live a life of peace and safety, no longer having to worry about losing his life or those of his friends. For a while, he thinks he’s found it, until the scout party he’s on is horribly slaughtered, leaving him as the only survivor. Looking for shelter, he unconsciously returns to the same building he took refuge in as a child, years ago… and once again hears the same female voice.

This time, Ain asks for his help. She has a plan to restore the world to a greener state, but she can’t do it alone. And as much as he wants to return home, to say no would be to let her die. Though it could cost him his life in more ways than one, he agrees.

The next two decades of Ian’s life will be spent travelling across the island once known as Great Britain, searching out lost technology and the tools to craft it, finding allies and enemies in the unlikeliest places, until at last the day comes when everything he and Ain have risked so much for is on the line…