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It seems it’s been so long since I had the focus to spare to write here that I actually failed to update all NaNo! You guys know what this means, right? It means I get to talk about something new!

I had a plan for November, I really, really did. I was going to write about Dayna Kingsley of the Solar Police, and how she ends up in the future, and what happened to the crew of the derelict spaceship (spoiler: they were not eaten by aliens), and who that weird species with guns are and what they want, and why she seemed to be cured but is getting sicker by the day, and how she’s going to get a misfit bunch of survivors like herself to safety before they all quite possibly die. It was good, it made sense, it had its own little spot in my 4,000-year Federation timeline…

And then I had this dream.

You may have gathered, if you’re one of the poor souls who’ve followed this on-again-off-again blog for some time, that that happens a lot. (And also that I have really coherent, film-like dreams that I always thought were normal but which most of my friends assure me are anything but.) It was involved, and vivid, and impressive, and really emotionally charged in places, and I debated with myself for a bit and lost. So I ended up writing that for NaNo instead. In following entries (ones that aren’t about Lindsi), I’ll explain some more…