Long-awaited, or possibly long-dreaded, or maybe more accurately completely-forgotten, but here it is at last: my return (again, again) to the world of actually posting about writing. And possibly other things, but probably writing, on the basis that nobody needs as much incoherent rambling as you can get out of me on other topics, and I did promise when I started this blog that I’d at least try and stay focused.

So here we are! I have submitted my thesis, I have completed another NaNo (anyone want a discount on Scrivener? First come, first served!), I have defended my thesis, and I have only corrections to make before I become Dr. Metalwings! (For those readers less familiar with thesis-world, (a) Everything in PhD Comics is probably true bar some country-specific idiosyncrasies, and (b) There are always corrections.) I also have a job, which exists and is beginning to generate income, and, of course, I once again have time to write!

That’s right, my weekly serial is back! So stay tuned for some soon-to-be-appearing further adventures of the Fused… and in the meantime, join me in celebrating!