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Looks like someone’s catalogued the existence of my book! http://booksreadr.org/ebook/before-the-sun-fades How awesome is that?!

The CreateSpace submission process was unexpectedly painless, and apart from time taken to filter through the various catalogues, Before the Sun Fades should now be available in print! It’s somewhat more expensive than I would have liked, but I suppose that’s the penalty for making it print-on-demand.

The different outlet channels (Createspace itself, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or other EU Amazon sites, etc.) each have somewhat different returns for me. If you buy direct from CreateSpace, I get almost $7 out of it, which I think comes to a bit over £4.50 at present; if you buy from Amazon (free postage in the UK, don’t know about other countries) I get something more along the lines of £1.50; and in their extended distribution list (which enables booksellers to buy bulk orders, etc.) I get only a few cents – this is basically what’s set the floor price. I don’t have the fine-grained control to do much about that (other than setting the UK/EU prices much cheaper than the American one, which seems a little unfair, although it does slightly also feel like revenge for the price difference that usually goes the other way), so Before the Sun Fades is going to be around £10 to buy in print for the immediately foreseeable future. (Not including postage, which varies depending on where you live.)