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Today’s quick update: Before the Sun Fades is now entering CreateSpace’s upload and review process! Human review will once again take some time, but hopefully it will be available in physical form before the month is out!

In other news, as I rather expected, I was far too wiped out after the weekend to do much work on The Fused, with the result that the long-awaited next chapter is now due next week. (Tuesday releases are something of a tradition, and I always prefer reading things when I can predict the next update.)

And finally, the votes so far for what I polish and publish next are pulling strongly for Ascension, with one for Alt-Shift. I have to admit I’m rather tempted to do Ascension myself — I’m just nervous about it because that series is one of my favourites, and I’d hate to look back a year later and think “I pretty much ruined that, I could have done so much better.” I don’t think I will, though.