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In Q&A format, apparently.

So what license did you end up picking for Before the Sun Fades?

A Creative Commons one: specifically, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. What that means is that anyone with a copy is free to share it with others or base their own works on it as long as they credit me with the original, provided that they do so under the same terms and don’t use it commercially (at least, not without asking me for permission first – basically I just don’t want to be completely cut out in the unlikely event of someone making a massive film out of it or something). So if you’ve bought a copy? Share it with your friends! Want to edit it or write something based on it? Go right ahead! It’s none of my business how you arrange the 1s and 0s on your hard drives!

Wait, what? Why are you selling a free book?

That’s not quite how it works, but because people like books? Because I don’t think knowledge can be owned and I don’t think people should try to? More to the point, the way this works is simple. I tell a story. In Ye Olde Days, I would have done so audibly, using my voice. In the modern era, I can do so using the written word, which is a lot more permanent and also I’m shy. This story (if you read it) then goes into your head, where it rattles around and possibly comes out again if you tell other people about it and how awesome/cool/awful it was — or if you decide you want to work with my world yourself and try your hand at something based around it, imagining your own story. These days, you can do that using the written word as easily as I can. And you can share it with the world.

So so far we have:
I tell a story -> The story enters your mind -> You have all kinds of crazy thoughts, because that’s how people work -> You express those thoughts in your medium of choice…

And then, if you happen to be using the wrong medium, some saddo jumps up shouting “wah wah copyriiiiight”. Well, none of that for me. It’s your mind. Go think what you like with it, and express that how you like! (Fanfiction = super encouraged, if anyone writes any then by all means send me a link and I may just feature it!) And please, tell your friends!

And if you liked it? If you really really liked it and want to see more? Well, then maybe I get paid. But you don’t owe me anything, beyond, you know, the standard level of generalised respect for another human being. So! Look at a book! (The first 20% or so is a free sample download.) Or get given a book! Or whatever! If you think it’s worth paying for, then go right ahead and “buy” it — and hand out copies to anyone you think might like it! (If you really like me, buy them, but I’m not going to ask you to just spend infinite money to pass a book around!)

TL;DR: reward my work and support my writing habit; get more books faster. It’s up to you!