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It’s been a busy month! I’ve moved house, got a job, and am about to publish Before the Sun Fades!

It’s a major production, all of this, even though I never quite expect it to be. “Done it a million times before,” I say, “it’s no big deal.” And it’s not, except for the things that are. Like the appalling, stinking, leaking mess left by the previous chimpanzee tenant (now waiting outside for the contractors the rental agency summoned to arrive and deal with it), or the fact that I still can’t find my printer cable and therefore have to print things remotely at the house of the Mighty Friend-Boss. (An old friend who’s been headhunting me for over a year hired me. This is awesome. So’s the job!) And so on and so forth.

My trips everywhere are once again conducted by bicycle and bus, but unfortunately my long sojourn in Milton Keynes, which has all of one hill, and a small one at that, has left me rather unprepared for all the up and down around here! But I’m getting back into it quite quickly, as I always do.

The garden looks a bit like a bomb site (literally — someone knocked down a brick outhouse, then set fire to it!), but that’s okay, because I love gardening work! I’ve got almost a quarter of it clear already, and do a little more almost every day the weather’s decent. And, I have my own little flock of house sparrows hanging out in the hedge!

And, last but most definitely never least, writing! Which continues on all fronts, but over the past couple of days, the drive to get BtSF out there has stepped up — I’ve gone through all the formatting requirements, checked all the bits and bobs for compliance (it’s going via Smashwords), chosen a Creative Commons policy (more on which one and why later), and am waiting on the cover image! So keep your eyes peeled — with any luck, BtSF should soon be coming to an ebookshop near you!