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I was travelling the other day, and part of the route took me through a major bus station, as it so often does. This particular bus station usually plays quiet background music, a rather pleasant thread of sound to pick out from the footsteps and chatter. The other day was no exception, but that particular time, the music that was playing happened to remind me of a particular moment in a game, a melancholy kind of moment in which you wander through the remains of an ancient civilisation more advanced than your own. I began to picture what it would be like to wander through a slightly more indestructible version of the bus station in a few hundred years, or perhaps a shopping centre, with the people and pigeons vanished, but the music still playing hauntingly as you passed through, detecting your presence, fading away as you moved on.

As I often do, therefore, I started singing quietly to myself. (Yes, I am that annoying stranger who hums under their breath and doesn’t shut up. Shush.) As I don’t do so often, I actually got around to writing some of it down, mostly on the return journey a couple of days later. Here’s the end result!

These old and lonely whispers
In these long-forgotten halls
And the sounds that spring from silence
As you walk between their walls

These pictures of another world
That dance as you pass
And you see your face distorted
In their ancient looking-glass

These things the world’s forgotten
Spin to life inside your head
And you dream about the dreamers
Of a world that’s long since dead

As you wander through the shadows
And the echoes in their halls
Hearing sounds that spring from silence
As you walk between their walls

You might see a coloured window
From the ancient times gone by
A child’s simple plastic toy
That flew through the sky

Or see a silent mystery
Its glassy screen all black
And the words that say within it
Someone should be looking back

You pass through open doorways
That still leave you feeling small
Hearing sounds that spring from silence
As you walk between their walls

And you think about the people
Of this long-forgotten world
Imagining the things they did
The things they saw and heard

Wondering if someone
Not too much unlike you
Might have foreseen this future —
You wonder if they knew

They’d be left as ancient whispers
In their long-forgotten halls
Or thought they would forever
Summon echoes from their walls

The lights that woke as you passed by
Now fade as you retreat
And leave the distant echoes
To their long and lonely sleep

The sun that set on their time
Is still rising on your own
And you take their dreams back with you
For the times when you’re alone

The old and lonely whispers
In those long-forgotten halls
And the sounds that sprang from silence
As you walked between their walls

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