It’s been a while since I posted! Busy couple of weeks including a fair amount of epicness, so a good thing, but! I shouldn’t leave this place alone so long! For unrelated reasons, I was contemplating people, and how they act towards other people, and then I decided to ramble about it because why not subject the Internet to my inane opinions?

Yeah, you came here for the writing, didn’t you. More on that in the next post, when I promise to introduce Ashi and Arien. Or reintroduce them, if I introduced them before and forgot about it. That happens a lot. I’ve always operated under a sort of personal version of the Copernican Principle. My position in the local universe of human beings is, presumably, not exceptional: I assume everyone else is, fundamentally, more or less like me — or rather, that, fundamentally, I am more or less like everyone else. Just like me, other people have motivations and reasons and complexities and irrationalities and all kinds of unseen pressures working beneath the surface. If sometimes I have bad days where I shout at everyone for no good reason, I can only assume that others probably do too.

Sometimes, like me, they do completely inane things for really stupid reasons. Sometimes there’s nothing you can say but “It made perfect sense at the time!” (Oh, Kae.) Sometimes people disagree with you. But almost all of the time, people tend not to think that they’re the bad guys. Very few people think they’re evil people, doing evil things, for the sake of being evil.

They might be, you know, really badly wrong about all sorts of things, where by wrong I mean mistaken as to the facts. Wrong in terms of morality is a more subjective kettle of fish. Everyone has their own ideas about what morality is. Whether there’s some kind of universal absolute or not, though, I can’t assume that I’m always right (haha no that ain’t happening) without assuming that in that case other people would probably also be always right. Since I’m not all that special a snowflake, out of the seven-billion-odd snowflakes currently kicking around our dear old rockball. So… although I have a negative opinion of some other people’s views, and by my system it is not only legitimate to hold that opinion but I may have a duty to act on it… I also have to see that they probably see just the same things. To them, what they do is typically going to be some degree of right, just like what I do is typically some degree of right to me.

If I was going to hate other people for doing all of these things, for making mistakes or for doing things they think are right, I’d have to dig up an awful lot of hate from somewhere… and I’d have to hate myself. After all, it’s not like they’re all that different from me.

So maybe, next time someone is being unreasonable, consider what the world might look like through their eyes, hm? Chances are they’ve got their reasons too.