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Hey everyone! After quite the break for Christmas and the New Year (and flu, which was less awesome), I’m back once again! Hope you all had a great time!

There will not be an episode of The Fused tomorrow, because I’ve about reached the end of the part I had blocked out and now need to run ahead of myself again making a skeleton timeline of things that might happen. (They tend to change when Lindsi gets hold of them. No battle plan ever survives contact with the characters!) Also, we’re getting deep enough into the Ship that not having got around to drawing the map is starting to be a real problem. Super special bonus, though: when I draw the map, it goes live up here, so you can finally see what I’ve been rambling on about!

And finally, one of the other projects I’ve been working on has reached its first proper milestone! The Reclamation RPG I’ve been constructing on and off had its first playtest and did not completely fall over under the strain! (Though I did discover a rather unfortunate hole in part of the rules that I’d forgotten I hadn’t written yet.)

So, you know, generalised happyface. Stay tuned for updates on random projects, character musings, the map of the Ship, and the next episode of the Fused — hopefully, that’ll be up sometime next week.