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Hey hey! There’s a new chapter of The Fused, and it’s actually a Tuesday to boot! I meant to do this earlier, but switching out of NaNo mode was A Thing. Things were all going so calmly… well, not any more, because there’s a radiation leak! Very coincidental — or not.

Considering how long it’s been since I started this story, it’s probably about time for a recap!

Deep in the depths of trackless space, a vast ship drifts on an incredible voyage between the stars. People live and die in its habitats and corridors, watched over by the ship’s computer, their gentle caretaker in their generations-long mission. Until something goes wrong. Locked away from the crew and barred from performing all but the most basic of its vital functions, the ship calls upon the last ally it has remaining for aid. Mission failure is imminent. Only two teenagers from across the generations have the power and the strength to save their world.

Fused with her biosuit in a freak incident in the Medical Bay, Lindsi needs every scrap of her friend’s knowledge of the past if she’s to set things right before the Ship’s mission comes to a premature end. Working together, they’ve managed to repair the water filtration in one out of the four Habitat Domes, and have found out why the solar strip that provides the dome with “sunlight” is fading. In order to rebalance the power flow, however, they need to find their way up to Engineering… which is where we find them now.