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You can probably tell from the title that this post is basically going to start with the words “oh dear…”

So my lovely, idiot chrononauts are arguing. Again. Aria spotted Dallas feeling guilty and called him on it, and he admitted he deliberately changed the future again. So she yelled at him (wouldn’t you?), and, well…

“So the future’s already changed! And even if it wasn’t, maybe it ought to!”
“It’s not our place to decide that, Dallas!”
“Then whose is it?”
Aria was silent for a moment, only a moment. “Theirs! The people who actually live in this time! It’s their decisions that should shape the future, not some lost chrononaut with a god complex!”

In the end, she said if he kept this up then she was going to stop him no matter what, and he called her the mirage again, meaning she was here to kill him, and ran away. Derp. He’s currently still running and feeling guilty and conflicted about it, and she’s still running after him and feeling massively overburdened and conflicted by it. Saving the future from the nutcase she’s spent all this time trying to save did just land squarely on her shoulders, after all.

I think it’s Arc 4 we’re nearly into now, but I’ve kind of lost count of the numbers. The future is shifting further and further, and as Chronos gets further from its original starting point, the alterations it can handle get larger and larger. Soon Aria and Dallas won’t just have each other to contend with…