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It happened! After a bunch of word sprints and a race in which my friend Duck beat me by 40 of my words. (We run at a multiplier because I type faster.) I clearly haven’t done enough word racing this year!

Anyway, *ominous voice* as previously foretold… yep, Aria and Dallas have been shot at by the crooks, chased, and either killed or severely injured. Or… y’know, not. Because what happened was that they experienced it, or thought that they did, then snapped back to right before it happened. Whatever “it” was. (Mostly getting shot, so far.) Like sensible extremely confused people, they then proceeded to do something else, and therefore survived.

They’ve now escaped once again, and Aria’s talking to Chronos (Dallas still can’t) about what just happened, which Chronos is explaining as ‘permitting localised deconvergence in order to establish a more favourable large-scale convergence’, and which she’s currently trying to interpret to Dallas.

Also I got closer to the line than I’ve been before this month, which was nice. Maybe I can make it after all… (Though it does have to be by the 28th, due to the last two days of the month being pretty much entirely taken up by other awesome things that will not permit much writing time. Sooo… erk? However, I have never lost a NaNo and I will not lose now! Determination!)