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I mean, no, not a drug bust, a drug observation. Definitely. Totally. Yeah.

So they did just about manage to escape their confines without dying of heatstroke, and even managed to survive until they were unceremoniously dropped into another, rather more peaceful time, which they used as a good chance to rest up and actually talk to one another some. All well and good… until they ended up somewhere else again.

Today, they’re in a hotel! And they suspect they’re here — or at least, originally were here — to observe a drug deal between some criminal element or other and the chappie in charge of the country’s finances that year. HAHAHA WHOOPS. They’re currently taking inventory, but when they’re done, this is where I expect the next interesting Plot development to occur.

Aria’s found out that the reason she has the memories she does is because they’re essentially getting filled in every convergence from her connection to Chronos’ temporal memory banks. This, of course, begs the question of how the hell Dallas is keeping his memories, something to which Chronos still has no answer! She does have one of his old personnel records now — there are no longer any restrictions on her access to the database, as she doesn’t exist as a person and can be viewed as essential to the current state of Chronos. There aren’t really any clues there, although she notices that he’s listed as a survivor from his hometown rather than simply a refugee, after the place was swallowed by the EDB. So, that’s interesting, but probably irrelevant, and certainly personal, she decides.

Anyway, the next major plot development is localised reconvergence. Or, translated, Chronos will not let you die. It’s going to be all kinds of crazy for the two chrononauts trying to figure that one out!