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Where did we leave Aria? Oh, that’s right, standing on a roof! The helicopters are circling overhead, and she tries asking Chronos to find Dallas. At first, there’s no response, but then Chronos warns her that the probability of Chronos becoming deconvergent is increasing. And if that happens, it’s game over, man, game over!

Unsure of whether it will work, Aria asks Chronos to show the path that maximises convergence on her retinal display — she’d put money on the impending deconvergence being due to something Dallas is up to! Which, since he’s in the middle of getting arrested and dragged off by corporate security, is pretty much true.

Naturally, the best possible way to deal with this is to leap off a drainpipe onto the security types and beat them up with their own shock batons. Obviously. Then when one of the helicopters gets in on the action and threatens lethal force, obviously the best thing to do is jump into the armoured security van that’s idling just there and go on a high speed car chase. OBVIOUSLY.

And when that doesn’t shake the pursuit, clearly the best thing to do is to run into some kind of giant factory, set off all the alarms, and hide in a very hot place to fool thermal imaging. Yep.

I’ll let you know how all of that works out for her…