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More than 3,000 words for today, which I badly needed as I’m actually still not caught up to the line… 😦 Dallas has succeeded in altering another historical event, but what the repercussions are, only time (or at least Chronos) will tell. But now he and Aria are separated, and the city they’re in is a hornet’s nest of rioters and corporate security.

Also I tried to write a speech. Supposedly people get shot over it (if Dallas didn’t do that thing where he jumps in to prevent that and changes history), but hahahahaha public speaking has never been my forte, so it’s probably terrible. (I wonder if WordPress does the little accents.) But that’s what revision is for! Much later. Yep.

So, Aria’s on a rooftop right now (again), and she has a couple of helicopters she has to worry about spotting her, and of course she has to find that pesky other chrononaut before he goes and gets himself into even more trouble. Good times!

Also, I wrote an entire segment from his point of view (involving the Equatorial Desert Belt, which is a named thing that exists in the future) which may never actually get used anywhere because he doesn’t remember that in that much detail yet. I blame NaNo.