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There will be no Fused update next Tuesday – I’m away! Tune in the week after for, hopefully, more irregularly scheduled adventures!

In other news, I’ve chosen this year’s NaNo, and it’s time travel again! But rather than the last adventure in preventing war, this time it’s both more personal… and further-reaching.

Advances in technology have led to the development of a temporal computer, Chronos, capable of finding convergent solutions to the temporal state that accommodate certain requirements. From the central complex that houses Chronos and its associated machinery, carefully selected and trained chrononauts set out into the distant past to learn what really happened at the key moments of history. Safety precautions programmed into the computer ensure that while minor events may be different — a chrononaut’s favourite colour might be turquoise instead of blue, or one of the technicians may support a different football team — major events, such as the existence of staff members, are conserved.

Aira Mirane is one such traveller, and an experienced one at that. She returns from a trip and reports as usual, only to be informed by Chronos that the impossible has happened. Although she returned from this trip alone, she was not sent on it alone. Somehow, impossibly, Chronos has lost a chrononaut. Now, without even a memory of who it was she has lost, Aria must travel through time in search of the elusive possibilities that will allow a missing person to be reconverged… without even a memory of the missing agent to guide her.