Better late than never, I guess? So I got sucked into NaNoWriMo again (it went amazingly), and then Christmas and New Year and also during all this on to the end of this wonderful thing called Aetherlight, which was wonderful and sad to say goodbye to, but I know goodbye won’t be forever! And also I get to write it up, oh yeah. πŸ˜€

Anyway! I have been decidedly reminded of my own existence by needing to approve the comments of a new visitor — hi, Kunama, and thank you! And this means I have to get back on that crazy spaceship and find out what happens next for the Fused! Which is exactly what I’m doing right now… the plan is to push the next chapter on the weekend! Wish me luck!

NaNo Results

So once again I cleared 50k with room to spare, and the story isn’t anything like finished yet. This time I wrote Ascension, the book before the previous NaNo’s Reclamation (which has changed title several times, like my stories tend to: titles are not my thing). I also subsequently coaxed my father into reading them, something he will do now and again — with the result that I got the most amazing text late at night with no idea what he was talking about, as it simply said, and I quote,

Bloody hell! That’s good!

which is incredibly high praise to get from him, quadruply so out of the blue like that! So I’m feeling great about these two, even more so than before, and looking forward to finishing and editing them. Maybe I’ll even show off a few snippets!