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Busy busy days, but here I am back in time for your regular Tuesday installment of The Fused! It’s a short one today, but never fear, the next chapter will be longer again!

Keep an eye out tomorrow, too, for more background information on Shipboard life — although Lindsi has stepped temporarily outside the world of regular work and play, it carries on all around her. What sort of things might she and her family do, under normal circumstances? How do people live, and what has changed over the years?

And finally, don’t forget: if you like this story, share it with your friends! ~_^ I’m planning to introduce the epub version when the whole thing is complete and I’ve gone through on a final check of it as a single unit. If enough people would rather see a periodically-updated partial epub/mobi that they can hand out to their friends rather than just passing on the DistantRealms link, I can do that too! Speaking of, if I put out a mobi of one of the short stories, would people test it for me? I don’t have a Kindle to try it on, so I don’t know how well the formatting really comes through.