According to my stats page, Distant Realms has broken 1,000 views! Most of them by the same people, but heck, 1,000 views is still a landmark! (I don’t know which views are attached to which visitors, but I do know how many views I get per visitor on average.) That makes me happy! Admin par-tay!

And it’s the Daily Spam edition of Distant Realms today, with news that I’ve been offered a “Seo Plugin” (as previously tweeted, I know)! Sparky (of “how did you get so many Triforces in your Gravatar?!” fame/infamy in the comments, and how did you swing that one, dude?) points out that one can only assume it murders anyone who so much as looks sideways at children anywhere ever! Seo, short for Seolas, is a reformed villain highly defensive of innocents everywhere, who will doubtless be appearing on here shortly. There’s going to be a few strange happenings if many people start installing this one…

Even better, though, is this gem, reproduced here in its entirety:

“The impact of including debating within the classes of nutrientsroom has been profound.
Once you click search, you will reap tomatoes on the top
of the mousetrap against a hard cover book.”

You see, this right here is the kind of wisdom that the world needs to know! I’m not sure how and I’m not sure why, but it needs to know, or who knows what could happen! I mean, did you know you could reap tomatoes atop a mousetrap? Just by clicking ‘Search’? Because I didn’t!