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Pardon my radio silence over the past few days, I’ve been quite busy with that most unfortunate of things, real life! However, that doesn’t mean all’s quiet on the writing front, just that I haven’t had either the time or the right mood to blog. So, what’s new? Well, first and foremost and making my week, the wonderful Catherine Russell (who writes a very funny story! I’m partway through the serial Pinholes at present!) has written a review of Mysteries Unite!

The rest of today’s post is about yet another story: today, I’ve put up the beginning of “The Fused“. The first part has been kicking around for a fair while, and perhaps putting it up here will encourage me to hurry up and write the rest of the poor thing! This is not all of chapter one, it’s the first scene – new scenes will be added to the chapter until said chapter is complete!

The Fused is set on a generation ship, drifting between the stars. It’s been out there so long that the colonists no longer really know where they came from or where they’re going: the ship, with its immense habitat domes, is their world. But the respect they once had for their majestic vessel is all but gone, and as part after part of the ship has been removed or abandoned to make way for other developments, the day of critical mission failure draws ever closer. Cut off from the colonists, the ship’s computer sends a projection amongst its people to find someone who will be able to repair it before it’s too late, pitting two teens from across the generations against time, entropy, and short-sighted self-interest.