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It’s about time we had a “Meet the Characters” post! I have a lot of characters, and I think it’ll be fun to introduce them all properly, particularly the side ones who you may not otherwise get much chance to see (though this particular example is very much a main character). That’s right, by my own loose terminology we’re talking some serious semi-canon here! Some terminology, dates, etc. may be subject to change, but the overall concept isn’t. Why did I pick this particular lady to go first? Well, I already have two fantasy or similar stories up… it seemed like time for a bit of sci-fi, considering that I actually write both in nearly equal proportion! And she’s an old one, so she’s reasonably settled, for the most part.

Dayna Kingsley is an officer of the Solar Police in the relatively near future. The Solar Police is a unified force formed to catch and deal with criminals in interplanetary space since space travel within the solar system became commonplace, following the invention of the space-warping “jump drive”, which permits Solar System distances to be traversed in a matter of days or weeks. She was born on Mars, in the first of the truly Martian colonies, and joined the Solar Police’s  direct recruitment program on leaving education.

Dayna is extensively trained in zero-gravity piloting and spacesuit manoeuvres. She is licensed and fully trained to use a variety of small arms, including a grapple gun. While she isn’t as good at it, she also has reasonable skill in unarmed combat. A crippling flaw which she has successfully kept hidden is her propensity to become lost in contemplation of the distant stars when in deep space outside an enclosed area, such as her ship. She highly values her independence, and has little patience for the foibles of others when they interfere with her duty, one reason she prefers to work as a solo agent. It is unlikely she’ll ever be promoted further than her current position as a result, but then, she wouldn’t want to anyway.

Happy in her job and preferring solitude to company the majority of the time, Dayna is usually pretty content with her lot. She likes soft music, either instrumental or with contemplative lyrics. Growing up in a domed city on Mars, she’s used to enclosed spaces and water rationing. A part of her will always find rain a thing of wonder, and when on Earth-based holiday she takes pleasure in the ability to adventure and explore freely outside cities and settlements. She likes spicy foods, perhaps partially as a change from the pre-prepared ration packs that are her supplies aboard ship! Physical training is part necessity and part enjoyment for her. Dayna hates dishonesty, and has little time for pretence of any sort, but finds herself forced into eternal compromise with the flaw that would see her grounded for the rest of her career if it were ever known.

Her immediate family are her parents David and Clio Kingsley, and her deceased sister, Leah. She has little interest in or time for romance, but that isn’t the same as none.

Dayna’s first truly high-profile assignment was as part of an investigation surrounding the disappearance of the compact AI Anyis 33-A, an experiment in compressing the systems required for human-level computer intelligence down to the size of a human body. She eventually discovered and successfully recovered the missing android, coming to respect her as a person despite her mistrust of the deceptions inherent in the simulated computer personas she’s used to. Later, she was involved in the policing operations surrounding humanity’s first contact with aliens, a delegation representing a vast, united civilisation comprised of thousands of distinct species. As diplomatic ties were cautiously established, she returned to something resembling her normal work… only to eventually fall prey to a new sickness spreading like wildfire through the Martian colonies. Advanced medical aid was offered by the aliens, with their highly sophisticated medical technology, stasis facilities, and faster-than-light travel, and many of the sick transported and cured at a “nearby” research hospital in a gesture of goodwill. The ship carrying Dayna and many others, however, vanished in transit and was lost…

Questions about Dayna? Questions for Dayna? Post them below the line! Doesn’t matter how long it takes to ask, I get notified when comments appear and I’ll drop back to give a response. (Note: if you ask a character a question, be prepared for the answer — I’m not holding them to my standards of politeness, they’ll behave how they see fit!)