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So here we are. It’s long since been done and dusted (I wrote the thing on rather short notice in 2007 and was quite happy with the result), but at long last Mysteries Unite is finally available to the wide, wide world, and not just readers of Durham University’s sci-fi and fantasy student magazine! Am I nervous? Heck yeah. Some part of me is still chewing its fingernails over whether I picked the right CC license, some part of me is debating whether or not I’ll ever get any readers (did any part of my brain ever learn to chill out and wait? Apparently not…), some part of me is asking myself whether I’ve somehow sabotaged all my chances of my books ever appearing in any kind of physical bookshop ever…

But you know what? They can all shut up. I thought about this, and I decided that whether it made it easier or harder for me in the future, or even whether or not anyone even paid any attention, it was the right thing to do. I’ve always wanted to share my work. I’ve always wanted people who enjoy it to be free to mess around with it as they please. This is a guaranteed way of doing it.

But back onto the main topic, Mysteries Unite is live, and I hope at least some of you find it enjoyable!